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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The UNICEF bombing the Smurfs story is an interesting case study of blogs.

I first read about the UNICEF bombing the Smurfs story on exactly three days ago.

Early yesterday morning I did a little experiment. I did a search on "Smurfs, UNICEF" and found only three (3) mainstream news sources that had the story. Next, I did a search for "Smurfs, UNICEF" and it gave me 164 different results! And it took until tonight for it to make the evening TV news.

The Smurfs story isn't very important, but it's certainly newsworthy on a human interest level. It's amazing what a lumbering dinosaur mainstream online news has become. It seems like for those who want up to the minute information, you have to depend on non-"fact-checking" blogs.
Try not using it quotes for better results.
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