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Monday, October 10, 2005

Actual Size of Penguins

After my friend saw March of the Penguins, he told us that before the movie, he had thought that penguins were like six (6) feet tall. After a period of laughter, we realized he was serious.

We Photoshopped an image of him next to a penguin if it were the size he thought it was:

Isn't this an especially odd misconception? I mean, it's not like he thought penguins gave birth to live babies or something like that; he thought they were the size of grizzly bears, for god sakes.
Go to for the This American Life Web site and click the '05 link for the archives. Scroll down to the show from July 22. The theme was people who believe stupid shit. There's one adult who believed unicorns were real but extinct.
I had an ex-boyfriend who wouldn't let me touch his belly button because he firmly believed it would come untied and his intestines would fall out. I did nothing to disabuse him of this notion.
goddamn that's funny. can't believe it from the x-man.
Who is that handsome devil on the right? Not the penguin, I mean the other guy.
Yo, RL,

That's Patrick Swayze, can't you tell?
actually, just to be clear, I thought this *all the way through* the movie, too. It's only during the credits when you see one of them standing next to one of the photgraphers that I realized how tiny they are.
I just thought of something funny... you know that part in the movie where the adult penguins are terrorized by leopard seals? The seals are more than twice the size of the penguins and they have scary teeth and are aggressive. That means Random Libertarian thought there were 14 ft carnivorous seals stalking Antarctica.
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