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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Death to Bike Thieves

Anyone whose bike has been stolen has felt like the flyer below. I saw this photo a few days ago and since then I keep re-reading it. It somehow makes me feel vicariously vindicated for wrongs done to me. I just can't wait 'til someone in Buenos Aires pickpockets me and ends up with my dummy wallet. That'll make my day.

Posted in public, somewhere in Portland, OR:

photo by

I love the line that goes, "My God the fucking of your shit that will ensue."
I had my bike stolen a few years back. That definitely sucked. And bizarrely enough I also had a seat stolen from my bike -- a seat that was torn to shreds and held on by a seat leash. The dude at city bikes said the thief probably wanted the post and ditched the seat.
I had my bike stolen last week. I have a sneaking suspicion that the kid next door or his little bitch middle school friends stole it. I'm tempted to appropriate this sign for myself. That little thug is gonna get to know the buisness end of my chuck taylors if I ever see him on my bike. I'll make sure any chance he had of propogating the species will be gone with the schwinn.
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