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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Chesapeake Bay Photo Contests

Below are three of my photos that I've submitted to two separate Chesapeake Bay photo contests.

A Mennonite fisherman hauls a 329 pound mako shark at the Ocean City Fishing Center in Maryland.

Fisherman Bruce Johnson determines the species of a catfish he caught on the Potomac River. He tells me that the catfish looks wasted away for its size. Bruce has a master's degree in channel catfish.

A blue crab scuttles along a pier in Mayo, Maryland.

Who knows if they'll choose any of mine, but top prize is $500!
The guy in the first picture is always ready for wig night...
I thought the guy in the first picture was lyle lovett. Love the crab photo -- looks menacing.
Ooh...there are sharks in that water???

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