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Thursday, November 03, 2005

"Pushed Out"/"White Flight"

How come when poorer black residents have to leave a neighborhood it's called "being pushed out" while when richer white residents have to leave a neighborhood it's called "white flight"?

Certainly the riots of the late 60s and resulting poverty pushed out richer, white residents. It wasn't fair; they were forced out. Surely they had to leave their communities behind, and all that unfortunate stuff. But "white flight" is always used in a pejorative sense. And what about the richer blacks that left with the whites in the late 60s? No doubt, it happened, but it's somehow absent from the modern discourse on the subject.

Now, poorer black residents seem to be fleeing higher property taxes and rents. It could be properly called "black flight", right?

This could all be a confused rant that blurs the line between class and race, but nonetheless, it shows that many terms are loaded or euphemized to a degree to render them useless.

Just a thought.

Update: Mari says, "Because a- for the poor alternatives tend to be few and crappy & b- deciding when you are going to move and picking a place is far different than having an eviction crew put your stuff out.

Yes, there isn't much in the way of black flight because how do you measure it and separate it from normal movement? I guess one could track all the black doctors and lawyers who used to live in Shaw and figure out where they may have relocated. But who is to say they didn't move out cause the mizzuz wanted a driveway for her car?"
Thanks, Mari. Good points, all of them.
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