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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Captain Kidd Adventures

Today I got an email from my friend, Ian, who lives in southeast Asia and maps landmines for a living. Occasionally, he'll send me random emails, trying to rope me into some odd adventure or other. His most recent urgings have been some of the best.

Ian's Proposal: He claims that he and his friend have found maps that lead to Captain Kidd's lost treasure, and he wants me to join their hunt for it. He sends a long chain of emails between he and his friend, followed by the following maps:

Ian writes:
"I would assume that the only way any treasure could remain hidden is if it is buried very deep. Last night I was schmoozing with the Australian director of a large Bulgarian gold mining concern. He has access to magnet survey equipment. He is quite interested. I know an organization that has large loop two-man metal detectors (which could be used to detect anti-tank mines about 1-2 meters down if the soils are not too ferrous "iron rich")."
The best part of all this is that he's really not kidding. If he had others willing to get involved, he would drop everything and get to it. I've seen him do it before.

Hmmm ... I wonder what's buried in that "cache site" ...
That guy is hilarious.

If the cache is still there, let's get it on the 10th annual COLW.
I'm game. Treasure hunt sounds way better than my other plans for tomorrow.
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