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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It still amazes me that people sit in traffic for hours every day.

I drove up to Maryland during rush hour tonight. It's been a while since I've had to do that, and every time, I'm reminded that this miserable little world even exists---stopping, going, stopping, creeping onward, to and fro, back and forth, day in, day out, all over the world---surrounding all cities ... for HOURS each day.

What drudgery. Isn't this a quality of life issue for people?---draining the souls of the commuting classes? Who would choose that? Obviously millions upon millions. People consciously choose to live in places that force them to live in a boring-ass, back-and-forth Abu Ghraib on four wheels. Thank god my commute lasts 15 minutes on two wheels (smug tone in my voice).

Sheesh. I really need a vacation. I'm starting to sound negative. Thank god the plane for Buenos Aires departs in about 22 hours.
My thoughts exactly. I have the same commute you do -- two wheels and 15 minutes -- and I have no understanding for people who put themselves in a position to sit in their cars for an hour or so each day. On the rare occasions that I have to get caught up in that mess, my views are reinforced.

I know people who commute in here from West Virginia. They spend about three hours or more a day in their cars. Good god.
Well, there's also the small fraction of people who are forced to commute. We rarely build large research labs right in the middle of town, and there's no way I'm ever going to live in the suburbs. The only solution is a 30 min reverse commute in the morning...

In all other cases I agree with you.
Reverse commute isn't so bad, though -- you're usually flying by as the incoming cars are treading water.
I must make the disclaimer that I *am* a boy of the suburbs so I know it quite well---well enough to make educated criticisms of it.

The main thing is that people move there to get the best of both worlds---city and country; but in fact they get the *worst* of both worlds. They get all the traffic, unfriendliness and crime that the city has to offer; and all the boredom and lack of culture that the country has to offer.

It's really an odd phenomenon.
Sometimes traffic can be fun, i.e listening to music, talk radio, phone calls, or good ole road rage!!
This may sound strange to the city mice, but since I have been working nights (cutting my 30 minute car commute to 10 thanks to the reverse commute thing) I have missed my car's audio system, the coffee sipping, and the general alone time.

more than 45 minutes equates to a job search for me, though.
I saw a particularlly nasty bike accident in the ER yesterday, prompting me not to rethink my two-wheeled commute, but to rethink my decision not to wear a helmet. If this guy can fracture his eye socket with a helmet, what happens sans protective head gear?
I fractured my eye socket on a bike in 8th grade. Head on collision with another young biker coming around a blind corner. Of course back in those days no one wore helmets. At least no one who didn't want to get beat up.
Ok, I'm not anti-helmut per se, but how would a helmut protect you against an eye socket injury? And where can I buy such an eye-protecting helmut?
Your eye socket is basically fucked while riding a bike. This is why I drive a hummer.... so that I may avoid such a terrible injury

Didn't Samy Davis Junior crush his eye socket while driving?

And btw, there's nothing praise-worthy about driving a vehicle named after a sexual act.

- LB
It's funny you should mention BJ's. I have found it both gratifying and ironic to be getting road head whilst driving around town. The best part is, this is so easy to do because chicks really dig the hummer, so they're always dying for a ride in it. I think the rad yellow color helps with that too.

I'm disappointed. I thought you were a sailor, but it seems you may be a stink-potter (for you non-sailors, a "stink pot" is a motor boat).

- LB
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