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Monday, November 21, 2005

Three Hour Dinners, Polo Matches, & Sparkling Wine

I could get used to this country, Argentina. All I've done is lounge around in restaurants, eating steaks the size of my head, watched a polo match, wandered around antique shops, smoked Lucky Strikes, and drank sparkling wine; and I don't think we've broken the $200 mark yet.

The polo match was surprisingly fun. The crowds are very sedate and civilized: no shouting or cheering---just hanging out and watching men and beasts battle each other on lush green grass. Beforehand, we hung out in a white linen tent for two hours getting "ready" for the match by swilling bottles of bubbly. I might as well have 10 days of being bourgeois; I'll never get it back home. You know how right-wingers always say, "If you don't like the US, then leave."? Well, I might just take them up on that.

"El Campo de Polo", right in the middle of the city.

The beasts of the game.

I've felt like this marionette at times.

This'll be me when I'm a 65 year old ex-pat.
Are Argentine women hot? Will you post picture of some?
RL, surprisingly, they are not. Most of them have fit bodies but "caras como caballos" (horse faces).
you sound delightfully upbeat in comparison to your recent demeanor. glad that you're having such a great time. have a steak for me. cheers!
Thanks Rhiannon!

I'll have a steak for you, and the rest of AILF.
Then post a picture and crop out the face, bitch!
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