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Monday, December 12, 2005

My Work Christmas Party Actually Rocked

Everyone says work Christmas parties suck. The sucky-work-Christmas-party is even part of a re-occurring joke this time of year. Except in my case. My work party was awesome. Below is an email I sent to our HR department about it. (Later, the CEO forwarded this email to the entire company!):
From: Lonnie Bruner
Sent: Sat 12/10/2005 12:19 PM
To: HR Department
Subject: Xmas Party RAWKED

Dear HR,

As I drink my coffee in my apartment this morning, the thought that keeps going through my mind is that my work Christmas party is one of the best Christmas parties I've ever been to. My wife and I were impressed. Is there an award for Best HR Department in the World? If so, you should get it. Let me run down a few of the finer points that show that you really put some talented effort into planning last night's event.

- Excellent DJ. Most DJ companies play crappy music that no one dances to. Not the case with your choice. Good job.

- Gambling. What a great idea! You even had a FULL-SIZED craps table, not some lame miniature version. Wonderful.

- Great choice in free giveaways. iPod Nano. Nuff said.

- Perfect venue. It was one block from work and the building is hip and beautiful!

- Great food. You had carving stations! Yes!

Happy holidays and THANK YOU,



I would also add two more points, off the record:

1) Everyone was truly happy about the guy who got the Employee of the Year Award. Does that ever happen? I've heard most workers just grumble that he shouldn't have gotten it.

2) The eccentric older woman at work----who I thought was sad, old and lonely---brought a date! He even wore a tuxedo and was quite charming. That made me very happy.
It sounds like your company has some nice money. I'm glad you had a great party, because as you say most office parties are dogs -- coworkers are a little uncomfortable in the looser setting, the "party" atmosphere is counteracted by the "professionalism" of having supervisors around, etc.

I have an office party coming up: it's self-catered (i.e. potluck) and in-house, and during work hours. I will show up, fill up a plate, eat, and leave.
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