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Monday, January 23, 2006

Shark Caught on the Rudder!

This footage is of a shark caught on the rudder of the Volvo Ocean Race yacht, Pirates of the Caribbean. Here is the direct link. If that doesn't work, try the Dutch TV link here---click on the righthand video link that says "Pirates of the Caribbean opnieuw in de problemen". After a few seconds, they show the shark hooked on their rudder.

For all you non-sailors, the rudder is the orange thing used for steering that sticks down into the water from the stern (back) in this diagram. It's the smaller of the two orange things; the big one is called the keel.

Watching the video, I actually feel kind of sorry for the shark. It looks so lifeless and helpless hanging there, dragged along at 30 miles per hour by a multi-million dollar manmade piece of carbon and high-tech metals. Just imagine what happens when they hit a whale; it's happened before.
That shark looks like it died on impact if you asked me.
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