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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No Student Activities Since 2002

Occasionally, I take a visit to the website of the ESL school where I used to work (ESL= English as a Second Language). Today, I found that the latest pictures of student activities were from 2002. (Link). This depressed me.

Imagine someone from another country looking to take short term ESL classes in the United States. They're looking for a fun school with people from all over the world. So they go to the school's website and the pictures on the "Student Activities" page are four years old. No thanks.

For me, an out-dated website is a deal breaker. Rather than keep a web page that hasn't been updated in four years, my old ESL school should have a Student Activities page that says, "WE COULD GIVE A FLYING FUCK." It would probably attract about as many students as admiting that they haven't had an activity for their students in four years.

On another note, finding out that a company where I used to work is still a dog-and-pony-show makes me feel better about my current situation, and helps me stop romanticizing the past so much.

So for my sake, thank god for no student activities since 2002.
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