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Friday, February 24, 2006

Jesus, I just accidentally hooked a seagull.

So we were out trolling for barracuda in light blue water when a seagull swooped down, grabbed my sardine-baited hook and flew skyward. I kept trying to shake it off the line until I realized the treble hook was caught on its beak. Its only instinct was to keep flying higher and higher, so picture me, squinting to look into the blinding Caribbean sun, pole bent upward, reeling downward as fast as I can.

We brought it into the boat, covered its eyes with a t-shirt, and proceeded to dislodge the hook from the beak. There was no blood, and it definitely wasn't injured, but it was stressed as hell and squawking like mad. We got the hook out, tossed him overboard and he flew away a more cautious bird.

That was the ending of my last day of cranking in big barracuda and gar near the mangroves and reefs off Belize's Cayes.

Man, life is hard here. I can't wait to get back to DC where the weather is nice and the people are laid back. That'll be nice ...

Remind me why I live in DC again?
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