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Friday, February 17, 2006

Leaving for Belize in less than 15 hours!!

That's right, you office slaves. I'll be on Caye Caulker tomorrow and staying for over a week! I offer you a few predictions as to why Caye Caulker will not suck as much as Washington, DC:

To be sure those predictions are correct, watch this space in the coming week if you want to re-confirm how much the work-a-day world of DC blows.

You are so sweet to not list the millions, no ZILLIONS of reasons why Caulker kicks DC's ass in every way---you are too kind to your pathetic readers who will not be able to join us as we swim with the manatee, drink and eat outside in next-to-nothing, soak up the sun and audition young cabana boys for my personal use! BTW--I am bringing a legal release for you to sign--I don't want to see my island escapades exploited on this very popular blog!
Mom, again, you are not invited. Sorry, that's just the way it goes. Period.

UH. . . . Barb?
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