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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rule of Thumb for Hot Sauce: Simple Labels Rule

Every restaurant in Caye Caulker has the same hot sauce: Marie Sharp's Belize-made habanero sauce. The label is simple. The flavor is complex. And it's just the right amount of heat for the tongue. But most importantly, there are no references or pictures of shitting fire---just the brand name and some pictures of peppers so you know what's inside. It could be the best I've ever had. Honestly, I cannot think of a single food that it wouldn't taste wonderful on.

There are a million hot sauces out there, but most are boring, too hot, too flavorful, or flavorless. So to make up for what's lacking, many brands use flashy labels with references to sex, or to your having ring sting hours after consuming it. Don't purchase that crap. Stick to the sauce on the back of the shelf with the boring label and you'll be set.

That rule has never let me down.
I'll take your advice to heart; everytime I walk into California Tortilla (I know, chain restaurant not authentic, whatever, I'm hungry) they have the shelves full of hot sauces and I never know which to try. The bright colors, personified flames and peppers, it's all so overwhelming...until now.
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