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Thursday, March 29, 2007

In case you had any doubt whether Ernest Hemingway was a BAD ASS ...

There are few men as god damn manly as Hemingway was.

In case you can't see, please note the following about the above picture from 1935 that I scanned from a book. He was 36 years old:

1. Hemingway is holding the Thompson sub-machine gun that he used to kill sharks and marlin with. Imagine him spraying that shit downward onto an angry 15-foot fish!

2. Hemingway is holding a Daquiri.

3. Hemingway is on his boat, The Pilar.

4. Hemingway's beast of a fishing rod-and-reel is tied to the fighting chair, meaning that whatever he's about to catch is a monster.

You can bet I'll be doing a lot of fishing this spring and summer, but unfortunately not with a sub-machine gun.
It's called overcompensation. He had a childhood to get over:

From your link: "Ernest was taught to shoot by Pa when two and a half and when four, could handle a pistol."

Uh ... I was taught to handle Star Wars figures when I was four. Does that make me manly?
Great post!!

And great picture. As a failed student of literature who enjoys fishing and drinking (and guns) that photo appeals to me greatly – probably for all the wrong reasons. They don’t make men like that anymore.

This picture is so badass I love it. I've read every book he's ever written and it's sad that these types are "extinct". I love how he always has a drink too haha.
You're manly when you feel you're manly. I suppose it all depends on which star wars dolls you were playing with.
It looks like he passed out. Nothing like watching the kid, loaded, and carrying a piece.
Great picture... but I like the one of him in a dress better.
The Bilge Also Rises.
A Moveable Feast. he's one of the loves of my life. I wish I would have known Papa in his time, I bet we could have...well, use your imagination...gotten drunk and---
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All of these men are not dead. Some still hunt and kill wild things. What happend to the rest of you
The manliest part being two seconds after that shot was taken, when Papa grabbed the kid by the hair and commenced to love him in the mouth.
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