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Monday, May 07, 2007

Wondering if I'm no longer left wing ...

Not saying I'm a right-winger, but a few clues (below) lead me to believe I've stepped away from the left, maybe for good.

- It makes me feel good when I hear stories of people getting rich. I also tend to think that when poor countries get rich (like Thailand), it should be applauded (not referred to as "spoiled" as opposed to "unspoiled" paradises like Myanmar).

- I don't think Africa's problems are because of colonialism. I used to get furious debating this topic, but come on, people, it's 2007. You can only blame something that happened decades ago for so long. Plus, I just read that Malaysia and South Korea were at the same level economically as Kenya and Ghana back in the 1950s. Wow.

- I don't think poor South American countries are that way because of CIA coups. Despite what Noam Chomsky tells you.

- If Hilary is nominated by the Democrats, I'm voting Republican for the first time ever.
God, who wouldn't. Does anyone actually like that c-word?

- I'm convinced that the Department of Education is the biggest useless money-suck that's ever existed.
Ok, I'll admit I don't know that much about this issue, but my libertarian friend Matt made a very convincing argument.

- I'm convinced that 95% of free market solutions are better than 90% of government solutions.
This point is as self evident as arguing that the Sun is a star.

- It doesn't bother me that Wal-Mart pays Chinese very little money.
People always stress over this one, but they never bother to find out what $3 per day can buy in China, not in the USA.

- I don't think economic inequality is a problem.
Look around the world and you'll see poor people living next door to the rich. This reality has rarely caused much violence through history. Any example you give is always the exception, not the rule.

- I think immigration policy should be decided by national legislatures, not by those who succeed in crossing international borders illegally.
I'm also fairly convinced that some length of wall on the southern border is a good idea.

- I think all environmentalist doomsday predictions should be looked at skeptically.
Like anything, it should come down to evidence. I'm not saying environmentalists are always wrong, but very often they are. One name: Paul Erlich. Thank you.

Phew! That's a relief to write these down in this public forum. In DC, it can be a risk to voice any of these opinions and not be called a fascist. I hope I still hold enough left wing views to stay out of the right, but it's not looking so good. Because damn, I remember how fun it was to believe that a people's revolution was just around the corner. Ah, those were the days ...

But really, no one gives a fuck what I think.
No, I give a fuck what you think. You're one of my favorite people. But, as we've often discussed, opinions can't fit into the cubbyholes that dogmatic thinking tries to fit it into. I've tried to tell you, it's not about left or right It's about you and the opinions that are shaped from adult experiences that you've faced that are not that easily pigeonholed.
It's always been my opinion that if you're too far left or right, it's because you're just not well rounded. Some say wishy-washy or apathetic, but I disagree.

Well rounded people are open minded when confronted with new ideas, or like our pal pete says, new experiences.

so which is better - open minded or non-opinionated? they are kind of the same thing. I guess I'm glad you're more centerline now, but the old anarchy LB was more fun to talk about with my coworkers.
"I'm convinced that 95% of free market solutions are better than 90% of government solutions." yeah, cause you see what a blessing privatized health care has turned out to be! I fucking love it that the only way I can afford my medical insurance is when my company pays for half the cost. But hey, as long as Humana is making a profit, everyone's happy, right?

I left a 5% failure margin!
Welcome to the dark side, buddy. You ready for the next pro Bush rally? haha

Welcome to the Moderate View, Lonnie. Now will you be able to survive in DC? I believe that the Democrat Party will not put Hillary on the ticket. I also believe that there are yet named persons in each party, that will be the candidates.
Look here, you fascist. I hate to upset your plantation mythology, but it's all about power. For instance, Ghana is a podunk little country of little strategic importance to the USA, while Korea and Malaysia were/are of vast strategic importance -- read foreign aid -- to the US. Not to mention that the poor generally live peacefully alongside the rich because they prefer to live rather than to die.

The revolution is not around the corner, but neither are we at the end of history.
I thought of two more:

- I fucking love McDonald's.

- I think taxes on inheritance should be reduced considerably.

I completely agree with your last two points. As much as I dislike old money, I don't think they should be taxed any more(percentage-wise) that much more than anyone else.
I am on board except for the McDonald's statement.
You don't make a very convincing Old Boy's Club member, Bruner...
Next thing you know, you'll be stomping on caterpillars!
In all seriousness, I hate McDonalds, and love the inheritance tax, but I am with you as to wondering if I'm no longer "left wing." I'm even considering eating meat. Of course then again being a bleary-eyed sleep-deprived mom of a five month old may be getting to me...
History doesn't revere conservatives and they don't build statues of conservatives. Right-wingers stand in the way of progress: They opposed civil rights, women's rights, religious freedom, basic science (and, *hot topic*: they start wars illegally based on superstition and not facts).

Name something positive that a conservative has done in the past 5,000 years of Western Civilization except keep the status quo and its hegemonic power intact. Any of the rights we now hold dear have been hard-won by a free thinking progressive.

Although, it seems all your arguments are economics-based, which in my opinion, aren't all that important in guaging which sandbox of political affiliation you stand. Economics are more pragmatic. It's really what you do with the pragmatism that delineates parties.

Now... I'm off to France. I'll bring back croissants and freedom for the sailing trip.

-Greggers McChomsky

Dude, bring us back some rare French liqueur that's not available in the US. DO IT.

Not sure I can hang with you, now that you use words like "hegemony" ...

You're right. History, in fact, DOES build plenty of statues for the wonderful progressives that have given so much to the world's poor. Let's name a couple:

- Stalin - 20 million dead

- Mao - 30 million dead, maybe 40

- Ho Chi Minh - Still ruling Vietnam 38 years after his death

- Slobodan Milosovic - Savior of the Serbian people, lover of his neighbors

- The Red Army Faction (Germany) - murderers of blood sucking capitalists like Hanns-Martin Schleyer

- Erich Honecker - Ran the benevolent Stasi secret police, which the German people revere to this day

- Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il - glorious progessives from north of Seoul

In the end, I take every issue on its own merits, regardless of what some dumbass ideology says. I'm neither left nor right.
Lonnie, bringing up Stalin in this argument is no better than if a commenter called you a Nazi. Let's not revert to extremes. It doesn't help your argument and makes you look desperate.

Ok, leave out Stalin. Leave the rest of my list, and the point is still made.

But of course, if I had the time, I could have listed probably 40 more, from Castro to Marshal Tito to the Derg in Ethiopia ...

Anyway, whatever. In the end it's worthless to just list bad vs good people who've done this or that, so my "argument" is flawed from the outset.
I know. Every time I get caught up in a political discussion and whip out the 'hegemony'-level words I feel like I need to take a shower afterward.

(A golden shower. All-Rounder, where you at?)

But you tried to undermine my awesome argument that conservatives never did anything positive by making fun of my use of "hegemony."

I was speaking metaphorically. You know... "Time wounds all heels." And I'm pretty sure all those dudes built those statues of themselves while they were still alive, which negates the reason why historian/sculptors build statuary. And you forgot Ozymandias.

I suppose it's not a matter of why a man turns to the Right, but when. It's the natural order. When you're young you want to change the world, not make it a murderous, scabrous hell-hole. As you get older, you relax, take the world as it comes, learn to play the unfair game that started a billion years ago and stop fighting.

It's natural. Like Natty Boh.


I'll bring back some stuff that would have made Van Gogh's head spin.

A wise man named Butch McKenna once told me:

"If you're not liberal when you're young, you have not heart. If you're not conservative when you're old, you have no brain."
If you are right from the begining does that mean I have no heart but a brain?
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