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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I wish I believed in hell.

All those people -- leftward or rightward -- conflating this tragedy for their own political gain or points sicken me.

And God DAMN all the sympathy for Cho Seung-Hui. His former poetry professor put it right: he wasn't a troubled child, he was just MEAN. A mean bastard who should've offed himself long ago.

I've been many strains of leftist and one thing infects the whole ideology like a disease: that YOU are not responsible for your OWN actions. It's become cliché to say that -- the right does it to an annoying degree -- but it's now a truism, backed by a long history of examples.

This tragedy can be blamed on one person and one person alone: a waste of human flesh named Cho Seung-Hui. I wish I believed in hell because it would give me solace to know that he's being tortured in some pus-drenched Dantesque nightmare right now.

So to all the Christians out there, put in a few extra prayers for me that Seung-Hui rots in hell for eternity. And painfully. Thank you.

I will direct people to my blog for my comment on the subject.
Amen brutha.
My favorite suggestion so far is that if all the students were armed someone could have stopped it. Brilliant. Like it's going to make me feel safe knowing that any one of my classmates could accidentally shoot me at any time, which is far more likely than a psycho killing me.
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