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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I bought a bigger sailboat and damn it feels good.

Non-boat people stop reading right now.

Ok, still with me? That's right, I bought a 27 foot Cal built in 1973. I've been sailing a 23 foot O'Day from 1972 and that shit was held together with duck tape and wire. A fine day sailer, but not much of a full weekender.

And my wife supported me, damn! After I stopped listing the reasons why I couldn't buy it, I gave enough reasons to buy it to cut the check. Here are some of the finer points of the new sailboat:

- Three headsails: a 180 genoa, a 135 genoa and a working jib.

- The hull is dark green!

- The spreader is a CHUNK OF MAHOGANY. Actually, there's lots of wood that needs lots of varnishing (I love doing that shit).

- 1999 4-stroke 8 hp motor that's just been re-built.

- A cabin that's BONE DRY (this is new for me).

- 2 massive 6 volt forklift batteries.

- Full galley with lots of dark wood and working sink.

- Full wet locker.

- AC power converter

- Three anchors, one with 150 feet of SOLID CHAIN.

- And lots, lots more.

And I'm giving my old boat away to whoever wants it. Faye's already expressed interest so she has dibs. But if she decides it won't work out, let me know. Actually, if you want it with motor, I'll have to charge you because it's a 4-stroke 4hp that I bought new in 2003. Any interest, email me: lonniebruner AT gmail.
i dont boat often, but when i do it's quite fun so i can appreciate the post.

congrats on your new baby!
Good move cause, while it served you well, that ODay was a piece of **** and you have clearly have graduated on to bigger and better boats!
Are you sure you aren't buying a new boat because the navy recognizes your old one?
Good point, cuff, now maybe I'm not so interested.... BTW, wire and duck tape, Bruner? Zoiks!
I agree with Cuff or was it because you could not clean up the mess after you shit in your pants?
Nice one Lonnie. Lapworth designed a great series of quick boats with the Cals. The mahogany spready sounds interesting. Easily replaced with Aluminum if you feel like it, though nothing at all wrong with the wood.
Caye Caulker Mark: dude, you never insult a man's boat. Even when said boat has seen better days. It's like calling your own sister a whore vs. someone else calling your sister a whore. Cruisin' for a bruisin'.
CCM - That "piece of shit" has been the little working island that has seperated myself and others from 100 feet plus of cold wet death.

Respect her in her twilight.
Very nice boat. Congrats! What's her name? Rockfish are red hot at the B. Bridge. Let's go get 'em! I'll be fishing most every evening this week.
It's like a mini Segel!!

Is it me or is that one tall rig
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