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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

'Mucking About on Boats' is Like a Man-Sized Washing Machine

Since I got the new boat, I've spent two 10-hour days mucking about, fixing it up.

I've rarely done something that's given my body so many unexplained bruises, scrapes and aches. Right now, I have about eight visible blemishes and five beneath-the-skin aches and have no idea how they were caused.

Maybe it happened after I rigged up two connected vice grips located two angles cramped up into the fiberglass-coated bilge beneath the cockpit --- then one of them slipped loose and fell, hitting my neck, barely missing my headlamp-strapped forehead.

And hauling two 62-pound 6 volt batteries on and off the boat from a slowly-deflating dinghy surely didn't help either.

Who knows.

But it's the kind of work that makes me feel great at the end of the day --- like I really did something.

But I suppose land lubbers will never understand about "mucking about pains" --- the aches that hurt so gooood ....
Right on brother of the bruises. I look at my beat up seventy year old hands with their scars and bulging arthritic knuckles and see evidence of wrenches that slipped and bolts that stripped or broke off in race cars, boats, hot rods and DIY adventures I would have otherwise forgotten. I just hours ago took the bandaid off a puncture from a slot screwdriver.
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