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Monday, July 23, 2007

Stinkpots are OK When You Catch Big Fish from Them.

Just returned from a week in northern Michigan, or as Michiganians call it, "up north".

We started out of Ludington at 5:30 AM and I caught the first biggun, a 16 pound King Salmon (right).

Surprisingly, these fish are not native to the great lakes. The US Department of Natural Resources planted them in the early 1960s to control the alewife population.

Alewives were dying by the billions and washing up on beaches, piling a foot thick of rotting fish flesh 'til the DNR felt pressure to do something.

So they filled the lakes with some of the best tasting fish meat nature has to offer.

This fucker that I'm holding was in my belly a few hours after this picture was taken.

I marinated him in soy, garlic, lemon and olive oil and threw the whole mess on the grill. The amazing taste of King Salmon pulled straight from Lake Michigan follows that cardinal rule of quality cooking: fresh food = good food.

Here's me with a Steelhead:

I left fishermen out of the stinkpot list for good reason. Hopefully other sailors will agree with me.
Hopefully I will be sharing similar pictures at the end of August...if my curse has been lifted. Nice work LB.

I am heading to BC Canada in September to hopefully enjoy and bring back some King Salmon. I am really looking forward to the experience. Thanks
VERY nice fish, Lonnie. I'll be taking the ferry out of Ludington next Sunday. Unfortunately, the main interaction with the lake on my vacation will be an afternoon on a beach with the in-laws. Thumbs up to Matlow for a couple outstanding posts, too!
Be careful with those pictures or you might end up on the Fish on Friday feature over at Horse's Mouth.
That salmon must have tasted amazing.

Fishermen (particularly freshwater in my experience) are usually responsible motorboaters...they spend a lot of time with the engines off, and appreciate the sound, smell, and sights of being on the water.
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