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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Screw "Best Albums of 2006"; Check Out Katie's Mix Tapes from 1993-1994

While home, my wife Katie stumbled upon a dog-eared sketchbook from her angstiest teenaged years, 1993 and '94.

At the end of the book were scribbled and crossed-out lists of the songs she'd put on various friends' mix tapes. Her method was to meticulously keep track of every song she put on their mix tapes so as not to duplicate the songs on any future tapes.

Reading through the song choices, I realized that my wife was WAY cooler than I was back then. She was 17 years old:

(CLICK for full size)


"MaTT S. 2-26-94"

"NATALIE. 3:34"

"SASKIA. 10-9-93"

"Sean II."
She was way cool, and I am sure she still is. Have a good new year.
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