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Thursday, April 17, 2008

We don't call Hillary Clinton a bitch because she's a woman; we call her a bitch because she's a BITCH.

That is all.
I am glad to see that your are not part of the "misogynistic" society of America, as Elton John calls some of us, but, just honest. I agree.

Good for you. Just like I don't call Obama a racist because he's black; I call him a racist because he's a racist.

Obama's mother and grandmother are both white. His black father left the family when he was 2. So what you're saying is he thinks his race is superior to his own race. Well, that makes no sense at all.
Litoralis, are you kidding me? Obama was raised by white people! He is half white!

Lonnie, this post is beneath you. I'm not a fan of Hillary but why don't you save your anger for McCain? He's a way worse candidate and a worse person. He just came out today with his "health plan" which includes making insurance nearly unattainable for the elderly, anyone with a serious illness, and the poor. (And meanwhile people are calling Obama elitist.)
See this article. Note the first picture.
The color of his skin makes no difference in tempering the racist connotations of his recent comments (which was the intended meaning of my comment).

It's good to see that knee jerk liberalism is alive and well.
With that comment, it's obvious knee-jerk conservatism is alive as well. One poorly worded quote does not a racist make, unless you REALLY want him to be a racist.
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