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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yo Majesty at DC9: Angry Awesome Rappin' Lesbians ROCK It, Awesomely

I don't go to live music shows much anymore but when I do, I make sure I'll be seeing something gangbusters nutsoid. That's why I agreed to go see Yo Majesty (NSFAnyone) at DC9 on Sunday.

Usually Yo Majesty is a rap trio including one lead rapper and her two overweight-and-proud back up rappers --- one who regularly goes topless halfway through their shows, back-tits and front-tits a-floppin'.

There's no way I WASN'T going to this show after watching a few youtube videos (NSFAnyone) of them playing live.

The show was a blast. The ladies I went with got blotto on Schlitz and even danced on stage. Unfortunately, only the lead rapper performed but she was amazing. I've never heard rapping that fast in a live venue. She was heavy on the lesbian front, making it clear that she was a proud, church-going lesbian who didn't care what anyone else thought. The beats were simple and Mac-produced, a-la Peaches.

Lately, I've wondered if any of this takes talent, and even more importantly, whether that matters. Yo Majesty was the funnest, most interesting show I've seen in three years.

"Get down, white people!" Ok, we will:

The dancing on stage bit:

My wife and sister get down with some hipster dude in a wig:

The first thing I noticed in this picture was how dusty the top of the ceiling fan is:

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Your wife has white woman overbite.

HAA HAAAA (said in a Nelson from the Simpsons tone and attitude)
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