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Friday, January 25, 2008

JACKPOT -- I discovered Greg Q. McGillicuddy's secret Youtube favorites list.

One of my funniest friends, Gregory Quincy McGillicuddy (pictured right), has been hiding one of his finest sources of humor from me. But because I often google my own name, I stumbled across his treasure trove of youtube favorites under the pseudonym "dociousfaggle". Nice.

And holy shit, it contains some of the finest hilarity and entertainment in existence on the whole wide Internet.

And not just funnies --- KICK ASS music, too. Take, for example, this awesome Dutch prog rock band called Focus playing live in the 1970s. (Watch at least until minute 1:15):

On my first viewing, I thought it was a joke, with all the yodel-screaming. Then I watched it about 15 more times and couldn't stop thinking about them. Wikipedia revealed that they're still around and even have their own (scary) website.

Thank you, Greg.

Dociousfaggle's Youtube Favorites
Prog rock. I'm stunned.
Focus played in this area back then: Ritchie Coliseum at the University of Maryland. This is what eating too much cheese and chocolate can do...and wearing trees on your feet. ;0
Dude. Yodlerock is awesome. And Yan Akkerman is an unbelievably amazing guitarist.... My Dad loves Focus.
this song is on a recent commercial. for a car or insurance or something...
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