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Monday, December 31, 2007

Champagne for my real friends; real pain for my sham friends.

This is a new trick I've learned: using a saber to open a champagne bottle:

Sabering a Champagne Bottle from Jim Webb on Vimeo.

It's surprisingly easy, but MAKE SURE you understand how before trying. If you mess up the technique, you'll be embarrassed in front of all your friends. You don't need a special knife like I have in the video (I borrowed that one from my friend who's a sommelier). Your heaviest kitchen knife will do. Here's my quick guide:

1 - Remove foil.

2 - Undo the basket, then tighten it above the bottom lip.

3 - Angle the bottle away from you like I did in the video, make sure you're outside and there's nothing of value in front of you for 100 feet.

4 - The dull edge of the knife will hit the lip, cracking just the top part off the glass, opening the bottle. Have everyone stand around you with empty glasses so you can start pouring right after sabering. Slide the knife from the back of the bottle toward the lip with a hard, confident stroke and it will pop right off.

The sound is better than a baseball hitting a worn leather catcher's mitt. Wonderful.

Happy new year. And there are no tiny little slivers of glass in peoples' champagne? Or are you counting on the champagne to be good enough that nobody notices?
Slivers never end up in the drink. It's a clean cut with the seam and plus, the liquid sprays outward not inward.

Happy new year, Edward.

- LB
LB, Happy New Year!

I was so inspired by this post that I tried my own saberage. After doing a little research, I decided that the only knife we had was a tad small but I was determined to try anyway. I made it on the fourth attempt. As you said, not getting it on the first one is embaressing, especially since I had a bet going with my brother, but it was totally worth it. I watched the video later and it looks SO cool. Thanks for being my New Year's muse!

And many happy returns to another successful year of Talking Shit...

Nice! Send me your video.
Pretty cool video. I'm willing to bet the knife goes for something like $200 bucks. I saw John Belushi one time break the tip of a bottle of beer off on the cockpit of his fighter in 1941. It may have been the high point of the movie.
Hey, that's my place!

I didn't hear the sweet quote, probably because I was slaving over the pomegranate sours...
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