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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not sure what I'm supposed to do with Facebook ...

I've had Friendster and Myspace accounts but I deleted both. Recently I opened a Facebook account because I heard it was better but whenever I log in, I can't figure out what to do so I just log back out.

First, I uploaded 60 pictures of myself because that's the only thing I ever look at on other people's profiles. But it seems like I'm the only one who has more than three pictures. Am I that vain?

Some of my friends have over 200 "friends"! How can you have over 200 friends? I now technically have 27 friends but there are only five that I talk to on a regular basis. I'm thinking about deleting the 22 others for honesty's sake. But then what's the point of having an account?

Then I keep getting these weird invitations from people which require me to do stupid shit that I don't understand. Man, I feel like Andy Rooney.

I kind of want to delete my account but I spent all that time uploading all those god damn photos.
So far I've avoided friendster, myspace, and facebook. Blogging is my one social digital indulgence. I also don't understand the reason that myspace for instance is so seems like people just leave ridiculous comments like "How ya been!" and "Miss Ya!"; I just don't get it.
I use facebook to:

Help the charities I support

Keep in touch with my fairly wide circle of friends

Meet new people

Waste time
Well, I'm on there

I've used it to connect withy all the people I've sailed with over the last 25 or so years, for that it has proved hyper-effective...

BUT..there are issues, which I blogged about yesterday (coincidence!?):

So, if you decide to stay then feel free to add me as a "friend".

Either way, keep blogging!

I play scrabble with my wife on facebook. And take movie quizes. I'm not sure there's much else to do. Are you under Lonnie Bruner or your pseudonym?
This is a great "Get off my lawn!" post. But one that I empathize with.
Yeah, I don't get it either, including how I signed up. I don't remember doing it. I don't know what to make of it, it was like I woke up and suddenly I was on facebook. Thing is, I got a notification from a friend of mine I haven't talked to in ages. She wrote something on my "wall." I liked this girl a lot and hadn't heard from her in years so I took the bait. As soon as it did, it was this weird freakish thing where people I hadn't heard from in 100 years were suddenly aware of my facebook presence, leading me to wonder if they sit every day, eagerly awaiting for the moment I capitulated and joined the masses. Then I got to wonderin' myself. Lonnie, I found you and the Lady B on there, found a few mutual friends, and now I think I'm catching on. One thing that I think is funny is when I get these notifications where people want to discuss how we know each other and they've got me down for working for the wrong company. I don't know how to correct this! But neither do you, I bet, so next time you log on face book, be sure to confirm the fact that you and I know one another via our mutual participation in the rock band Blue Oyster Cult.

Don't fear the reaper,

I have a fb too and i'm not really sure how to use it. I feel like grandpa sitting in front of a dvd player.

and worse, i'm in grad school with a bunch of young punks who "friend request" me and i'm thinking, "dude, I don't want to know you in real-life, much less be constanlty looking at your picture."

i tend to think it's a place for younger people than me. but then, maybe another networking tool wouldn't be bad.

I dunno. let's just go sailing.
Thing is, I remember with friendster and myspace you could browse through lots of pictures of lots of people. On Facebook, you can only look at your friend's pictures.
What happen to the good old fahinioned scrolling BBS? Now I am showing my age.
What ever happen to meeting your friends at a bar getting shitfaced and not having to worry about any fucking technology to communicate. Just a thought. Who's up for meeting at a bar?
Colin's drunk!!

I'm in.
Hey Colin - let's raid the liquor cabinet.





FINE! Stay here.

I'm using facebook to post pics for far away family members. I 'ignore' all the stupid requests. But what creeps me out is all the requests from my nieces and nephews friends asking me to become their friend. I went to a couple of their pages, saw their drunken and stupid pictures, and though, "wow... creepy!". But how do you 'unfriend' someone without offending them?
Oh, and yes, let's just go sailing... truly unplugged.
Third time is a charm!
I think playing Scrabble with your wife on facebook is a superb idea. If Al Gore and I hadn't invented the Internet, and Steve Jobs and I hadn't invented the personal computer, how on earth would you have been able to do this?

What's all this about friends? What are friends? What are they for?
the best comment on facebook i've never been able to put into words myself.
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