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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama is the type of leader that comes along every 100 years or so.

If Barack Obama wins the presidency of the United States, I will display an American flag on my boat every single sailing day he is in office. I promise.

I've been having a crisis of my own leftism for several years now, but Obama is so inspiring that I feel like volunteering for a non-profit organization or something.

I told my wife that Obama made me feel patriotic again, but then I realized that the word "again" implies that I have EVER felt patriotic. So I'll rephrase that: Obama makes me feel truly patriotic for the first time in my life.

Several months ago I visited the Maritime Museum in Norfolk, Virginia where they had an excellent display on Lord Nelson. One part of the display talks about how very few leaders in history have unique leadership qualities that persuade others to do things they normally would not do, and take risks they normally would not take. The exhibit listed ten people in the last 1,000 years.

I think Obama may be one of those people one day.

His speeches make me emotional and want to get up and DO something. Not sure what, but it's a strange, new feeling.

If anyone has doubts about Obama, I'd recommend this music video, this victory speech (watch 'til the END) or this ppt presentation. If those don't move you, you may not have a soul.
Finally, someone that articulates how I feel about Obama perfectly. I'll forward all dissenters I encounter to your post. Thanks!
Wow, Fodge, let the kool aid flow.

What's Obama's policy on immigration?
His immigration policy is not too different from Hillary's: he's for secure borders, but allows for some path for some illegal immigrants to obtain legal status if they pay a fine, get the back of the line, etc.

I don't know much more than that, but as for Obama, he's more than just a checklist of policies. Actually, even if he disagreed with me on immigration, I still think he's the best thing for this country.
You're such a fake conservative.
Don't you mean "wannabe conservative"?
As far as electoral politics in this country go, I think Obama's the best we've got. In fact, in this field of three, he's all we've got. A leftist he's not, but after eight years of mean-spirited domestic policy and gross largesse to the military, I hope he steers us away from the Right.

If by "leftist" you mean "Marxist", then yes, I agree with you.

And if by "the best we've got", you mean, "least bad of the existing choices", then I'd suggest you watch that victory speech I posted.

If you're still not convinced, I think the only reason people may not be inspired by Obama is because we haven't had a real leader in so long in the US, that people don't know a good leader when he's sitting right in front of their faces.
I've been showing some Obama love on my blog for a while, I'm glad people are starting to agree. I have to say with the news coming out of East Timor and Cuba, I'm surprised I haven't seen you write about it!
I'd also recommend reading this detailed description of each member's bills in Congress.
sorry man, i'll give you that he's charismatic and likeable--a damn good speaker--but i guess i don't have a soul.

i'll concede that i probably like him and trust him way more than mccain, but as a conservative there's no getting around how extremely liberal he is. sadly mccain's the only viable choice left for me.

perhaps i'll be barred from commenting anymore after this next part, but i think bush is a great leader. don't hate me.
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