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Friday, February 15, 2008

Communist European Film Posters from the 60s, 70s & 80s

While in Krakow, Poland, my friend told me to check out a "secret" second-floor antique shop. I'm lucky I did because I found a treasure trove of old movie posters from eastern Europe from the 1960s to the 1980s.

There were two 1.5-foot high piles of posters that would have taken me five hours to go through entirely. Only about 1% were worth putting on my walls at home; most were fucking scary, disgusting, or just plain daaaark.

Below, I've posted the seven posters I bought. My Polish friend had never heard of any of these, nor 95% of the ones at this antique shop --- which is strange, because he's sort of a film connoisseur.

With the help of an online Polish-English translator, I've managed to figure out some semblance of each film's name, along with the country of origin and year. Each poster is about three-feet high by two-feet wide.

Like Poison, Czechoslovakia, 1985:

The Girl Who Likes Dreams, East Germany (GDR), 1974:

Spirit of a Man, Czechoslovakia, 1973:

At the Quiet Station, Hungary, 1978:

Nine Months, Hungary, 1977:

Resurrection, Russia, 1961 (this is based on a Tolstoy book):

Tanker in Flames, Russia, 1982:

If anyone can help with the history of these films, translation of titles, or poster artwork, please let me know.
I am jealous - especially as a designer. especially if I find out these were dirt cheap! Nice pics
Now, I want to see all of these movies. Especially Tanker in Flames.
I want one! How much? Your house is going to look like an Soviet Bloc museum...
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