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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fuck Pennies (Part Two)

I hate pennies with a passion (here's my "Fuck Pennies Part One"). If I get them as change, I throw them in the trash.

But today I found even more reason to hate them: a penny costs more than one cent to manufacture.

According to the respected urban legends debunking website,, "... had pennies been manufactured using component metals bought on 28 April 2006, one could fairly say each of those coins cost 1.4 cents to mint. However, if you averaged out the cost of those metals over the whole of 2006, you could say that year's pennies each cost about 1.23 cents to manufacture. Rises in metal prices, particularly of zinc, pushed the per-unit cost up to 1.7 cents in 2007."

( link).
Pennies are the Rodney Dangerfield of coinage. No respect.

Are people prejudiced against them because they are brown? Because Lincoln is on them?

People will leave them on counters in the "spare" tray, but cross the road to save a penny on tanking up their car.

I usually find money on the street when I am out walking. Knowing this, one friend, "I always turn a profit, when we go walking together."

I like pennies. I polish them before returning them to the bank.

I'm JOKING....not.

....and don't get me started about nickles. :)
you see the 60 minutes piece on pennies tonight?

NO! Is it on youtube yet??
This is a classic Fodge Newsweek cover. I think Ron Paul was on the week after.
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