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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pictures from Krakow, Poland

This is the main square in central Krakow:

Clock tower in the main square:

There are little to zero cars in a huge chunk of downtown Krakow --- so few, that most people just walk in the middle of the streets. It's surprising how god damn loud you realize cars are when there's an absence of them and all you hear are footsteps for blocks on end:

This is the neighborhood where I proposed marriage to my wife back in 2001:

I proposed to her on one of these benches --- I forget which, but it's one of those closest to me. Back in 2001, it was July so it was MUCH greener. But wow, even in winter, it looks like a decent choice for such an act:

This was the one day when the sun was out:

Lots of venders selling flowers in the central square:

These are horse carriages for tourists in the central square:

I've never really thought of Poland as a destination (I've got a million other places to see, too), but your pictures make it more interesting. Why do you think there are so few cars in the city center?

The laws are really strict against bringing cars into the old section of the city which is sizeable; taxis even have trouble.

I think you would love it. Lots of coffee shops, great art museums all within walking distance, antique shops, and other cultural things. Summer is really touristy, but I don't mind.
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