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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"The world’s largest restaurant in 1992 by Guinness Book World’s Records"

I went to a massive massive restaurant tonight in Bangkok -- the Guinness record for restaurant size (as of 1992, the sign brags). The food at a restaurant like that cannot be good, especially when it's Chinese. I'm not talking USA Chineses; I'm talking the texture of jellyfish tentacles on your tongue.

Sometimes in my life something occurs that's a bit weird, but almost not weird enough worth re-telling. Also, I just think people won't believe it. But since lately it seems like I'm writing into the internet emptiness, I'll tell it anyway:

At one point during dinner, almost where I didn't notice, this guy dressed up in traditional Chinese garb -- golden embroidered robes and a pointy hat -- came flying over all the tables on a 200-foot-long zipwire that ran the length of the restaurant. He was holding a flaming bowl of soup. Flames about a foot high, off this bowl of soup on fire. He was holding a pose like he was in mid-run, just flying about 12 feet over everyone's head. I swear to god.

A second after that happened I thought to myself, did I really just see that? I guess I did: I was at the largest restaurant in the fucking world as of 1992.

The awesomeness of this place is clear from the restaurant's own website. I'm going to go ahead and leave out the "(sic)s" -- too many are required:
"Royal Dragon Restaurant, Mang Korn Lung , is the seafood restaurant. One of the Greatest in the world. It was recorded as the world’s largest restaurant in 1992 by Guinness Book World’s Records. We have unique style of serving that you have never experienced before, such as serving by walking on water, flying on the sky, and skating for speedy service and save time. There are also Thai cultural shows which are Thai music and dance, Thai boxing and fighting, and so on. Now we have 2 rounds a night, starting from 6.30-7.30 pm. and 8.00-9.00 pm."
I promise you're not writing into the internet emptiness. I check your blog at least twice a day and it's one of 3 that I read. I can't wait until spring when you start sailing again. Thanks!
I second Anon. I read your blog quite regularly and I too am looking forward to the sailing season...especially since my sailing club begins and I get to hit the water as well. BTW, it was your blog that inspired me to join.
I agree with anon and EM. You are a blog god. Also, I like you as a friend and lover. Oops, don't tell the wife.

This is one of the shortest and funniest posts you've done. It's very LBish.

Reminds of the time in high school at some Italian restaurant we took our homecoming dates to and across a table of 8-10 people you and I looked at eachother after hearing the oddest "Caroomph" sound nobody else heard. LOL
I don't even sail and i read this stuff. I'm a friend of FMB (if you can figure that out). I travel a bit around SE Asia as well and live in Shanghai. If you are ever in town....
I read it daily just like Dr.Pepper. 10, 2 & 4 or something like that. Tex
I love your blog more than any of these people.

Can you tell us what you ate at this restaurant?
Yeah, Did you have the grilled cheese or the chicken fingers :)
AJ & LX:

Lots of mediocre Chinese food. The weirdest thing was the jellyfish tentacles, as I mentioned in the post. They are not good.

Caught! LB has been in Hampton, VA-in police custody!

sorry-here is LB's mugshot!
Tentacles, really? I was under the impression that the nematocytes could be triggered even if the animal was dead. Scary.

This may be apocryphal, but someone at the Seattle Aquarium wanted to know what would happen if you touched an anemone's tentacles, which are normally harmless to touch, with your tongue. Turns out, your tongue swells up for days. At least now they know.

Come on, I'm much better-looking than that guy.


These tentacles are cooked with some sort of red sauce. They're much more solid than the jellyfish we get on the east coast of the USA, which are more like thick water -- very stringy. The jellyfish tentacles they eat at Chinese restaurants are closer to clearish squid, except the stinging parts are a bit rough on your tongue. They don't sting once they're cooked. Still has very little taste and even worse texture.
love your blog even if i don'td sail ,write a book!
Thanks, Lonnie.

It sounds like an interesting, if not delicious, experience.

The exotic food thing is how I found your blog and one of the reasons I keep coming back.
Flying bowls of soup fire? I am so jealous.
Wow! I want to see this largest restaurant in the world in person. Because it was an honor to eat in this restaurant. Hope one day I could do that. Thanks.
I am wondering if this restaurant still the largest restaurant in the world. I hope so and I want to taste the foods they serve here also I think they are all very delicious. Keep it up.
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