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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Guilt. No Fear. Only Travel Itch.

CNN finally published its article on how people who travel during a recession should feel guilty about it. But this article contained "quotes" from my wife Katie which she never said:
Katie Parker, a Web designer who lives in Washington, is going to India next month to meet her husband on the last leg of his international business trip.

"Although I think my job is probably safe, you never really know," Parker said. "Part of me thinks maybe we should have waited on this trip."
She never said "part of me thinks we should have waited on this trip"! Katie told me she feels like Sarah Palin now. Ha!

As I said before, I'm not punishing myself about traveling because a bunch of people I don't know lost their jobs because a bunch of other people I don't know bought houses they couldn't afford. I got over feeling guilty about other people's misfortunes when I quit being young and sophomoric. But that doesn't stop CNN from lying about it.

Reporters have all been told to find stories on the effects of the recession. Stories about people who just became homeless are all over the news, when in fact, they might have been homeless during the best of boom times. Shit, our unemployment rate is only 7.6% -- lower than France, Germany, and a slew of others. And this reporter Pawlowski was searching for a story about people who feel guilty about taking a trip during a recession, whether she found them or not.

I knew this was going to happen.

ps: My real name is not "Lonnie Bruner" as you will see in the CNN article.
oh have been "outed"

Tex Anon
Nice one. Convincing CNN that that's your name should win a prize as Con of the Year. How the hell did you dream up such a weird artificial name?
Those bastards at CNN edited the last comment and took out that crazy name you made up.
The MSM sucks! I never get my information from CNN/MSNBC etc. Just take a glance at's website, the front page is absolutely FULL of utter crap! They barely cover the significant and sad happenings of this world. Its upsetting because the American people remain ignorant and satiated.
btw, how did the reporter find you guys and decide to write a story about you?

Mainstream media is ok. It's mostly MUCH better than non-mainstream which is often rumor and untruth.

Reporter found Katie through a friend.
I'm with you on lack of guilt. In fact you are doing what they are instructing people to do right now, put more money back into the economy!
Buts its not better than BBC or NPR. News from blogs is entertaining mostly. My #1 rule for internet use is "don't believe anything". But I feel that the BBC and NPR (even tho NPR tends to lean more on the liberal side) are well established media outlets which I can trust to inform me of the important issues.
That is typical, I have been interview several times for various periodicals and was misquoted or had info made up several times, I believe it is a mixture of wanting to over dramatize or plain ignorance. Really makes you wonder what they do on more important stuff?
Fox News Always gets it right:-)
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