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Monday, February 09, 2009

Oysters, and Now Hot Wings. Next? SCOTCH.

Never thought my lady would love hot wings like I do but now she's hooked and recently said if she had a month to live, she'd eat a pint of blue cheese in one sitting. Never thought I'd see this day -- especially from an ex-vegetarian who, when she began eating meat again, said she couldn't eat anything that contained bones because it reminded her that the meat came from a living animal.

This comes only a few weeks after she realized her love of raw oysters. For years she'd had a gross-out hatred of my favorite food and now she's a convert after I shucked them in the kitchen.

So now that she's on the train of eating food that makes life worth living, I'm gonna try and get her palate trained to like the ultimate: scotch whisky. And now the question is which scotch. Single malt? Johnnie Walker? On the rocks or neat? I'm thinking of skipping the light stuff like Scapa, or cheap stuff like Teacher's, and just going straight for the peaty campfire explosion of something like Laphroaig's. Still working out my strategy though ...
well, LB, I hope your strategy is better than the one on getting a gun in the house.

Tex Anon
If she's completely non-whiskey drinking, then I recommend breaking her in with something blended, for certain, and something smooth like a Canadian. Pendleton is great for rookies to sip OTRs. When you've broken'em in with that you start moving into the blended Scotches.
Knowing your spouse, you should go for something off the edge like Loch Dhu, A little on the wild side, Well then there is always Schmuggler!
What's next - Crocodile egg omelettes on the Nile while sipping Camel pee beer!
My husband's father introduced him to scotch with the following line:

"you can either drink scotch with the men or vodka tonics with the women."

I absolutely hated the taste and smell of any kind of whiskey, until Matt shoved a glass of Johnny Walker Red in my hand. It only took a couple of drinks to realize how delicious it was.

Laphroig is a good one...arberflour...oban... Pretty hard to go wrong here.
Use a light single malt to start, i.e. a pre dinner whisky like Speyburn.

Regards, Geoff
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