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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Appreciate a Good Jeweler.

For the first 30 years of my life, I didn't give a single thought to the jewelry profession. But now that I have a wife that I love so god damn much, the experience of picking out the occasional earring or necklace is one of life's small pleasures.

For Christmas I decided Katie needed some pearl earrings, so while in Michigan I asked her dad for a recommendation of a good place. The whole time Katie's dad and I drove to the shop, he was going off about how great a person the owner was -- that he loved dogs, had a place up north, etc.

I walked into a small storefront near a strip mall in suburban Detroit to be greeted by a 50-something man with mid-western friendliness and a strong Michigan accent. Perfect. The experience was short and pleasant. I found the earrings I wanted, with the perfect amount of salesmanship from the owner, and he gave me a sweet discount.

I like people who have a genuine understanding of customer service and pride in their work. This is something you don't find as much outside the USA.
So you're saying it wasn't Kays.

Over Xmas break, my wife and I were in a mall looking for a watchband. Half the jewelry stores we went into (and I have no idea how a mall in a small city - 50K, with limited population surrounding - can support so many mall jewelers) we could barely elicit salesperson attention, let alone assistance.
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