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Monday, January 05, 2009

Luckily, Conspiranoid People Make Plenty of (Failed) Predictions

I get a skip in my step when predictions of doom and gloom turn out to be horribly incorrect. I have a dear friend who converted to cultish conspiranoia nearly two years ago and I've been making fun of him since. The good thing about conspiracy theorists is that they make plenty of predictions that are nearly always WRONG.

Below is a short list of the predictions my conspiranoid friend made for 2008:
- It will be revealed in 2008 that the 7/7 London bombings were done by MI5.

- It will be revealed in 2008 that the Oklahoma City bombing was done by the US government.

- Something sinister will be revealed about George H.W. Bush.

- Ron Paul will win the presidency.

- Obama will not win a single primary.

- Bush will nuke an American city.

- Bush will declare martial law.

- Bush will cancel the elections to remain in power.

- The US will experience hyperinflation.

- Lonnie Bruner will believe in 9/11 kookery by the end of 2008.

- The USA will experience a new Great Depression, worse than the 1930s.

The only one that was slightly close was the last point, but considering that the Great Depression lasted a decade with peak unemployment of 25% and deflation at -10%, we are currently leagues away, with our current unemployment under 7% and inflation running at a cool 1%. Bwaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!
- Ron Paul will win the presidency.

- Bush will cancel the elections to remain in power.

How will Ron Paul win without an election? Was he supposed to kill Bush and assume his throne?

He predicted those before the Republican primaries. As far as assuming a throne, he's predicted far weirder things.
While I agree in general. I wouldn't put too much faith in the numbers on the depression as the rest of world (i.e. global market) wasn't as strong or savvy.
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