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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I got a call from Tehran today.

I export a certified organic fertilizer and today I got a call from a businessman in Iran wanting to buy my product. I had to politely tell him "no can do."

A few weeks ago, I had a meeting with the US Commerce Department and I asked if there was any way I could do business in Iran. The representative told me that there was absolutely no way, and that even if I sent product literature to Iran, I could be brought up on "criminal charges." Wow. Backed slowly away from that one.

As I was talking to this Iranian fellow on the phone today across oceans and political turmoil, I was wondering if the CIA or FBI was monitoring my phone call. They'd be doing their jobs if they were, and I'm not gonna turn into some crybaby civil libertarian about it. Shit, I have nothing to hide; I told the guy about my meeting with the Commerce Department and that although I wish I could sell some product to him, US law prevents it. End of story.

It's a shame that because of the idiocy of governments, I can't sell something to this perfectly honest businessman in Iran. Oh well.
Too bad.

Fertilizer is a bomb ingredient though so in some peoples minds, you've already got gears turning. (As if there weren't fertilizer for bombs already available in Iran!)

Anyway, is this fertilizer something you only sell in large quantities? I'm assuming it's not something suitable for a home gardener but I'll try anything organic. Experimenting with the yard is fun.
How come in your November post, you didn't want to reveal what you sell, and now you are writing an entire post about it??????

I have not, and will not reveal what I sell. I will never write the name of the product on this blog.
How dare you even contemplate selling fertilizer to Iran? Don't you know they are part of the Axle of Weevils? Don't you know they are trying to reconstitute their WEBMDs? Don't you know that they hate our freedoms?

In Iran the government can spy on you, can lock you up for years with trial, and even torture you. The only way we can get these evil people to be more like us to make sure they don't buy your shit.
Okay, okay, so maybe I'm the last one to get it.

But finally, it dawns on me - not only do you "talk shit", but you sell it for a living - not that there's anything wrong with that.

If you want to sell, uh, shit, in Iran, can't you just tell the feds that you're good buddies with Cheney? Isn't that how anyone gets to sell stuff in Iran?
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