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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dear Everybody: STFU About Palin and the Killed Turkeys

I'm the last person to defend Sarah Palin, but please, everybody, enough about her giving an interview while turkeys were being killed. Sure, it's an odd backdrop to a TV interview, but turkeys must die in order to get to your plate. And I can't believe some networks blurred out the guy with the bird; if that's so offensive, shouldn't they start covering all the meat in grocery stores?

People are too separated from the processing of their food. When I have kids, I want them to understand where their meat comes from --- that meat isn't just packaged, flat discs, but were once living, breathing animals. If they're upset by it, I'm going to tell them they have the option of becoming vegetarian. If not, put that big-ass bird in the oven and let's eat.

Hasn't she done enough? Do we really need to invent follies for her? COME ON!!
Forget about the turkey thing... can't we just stop talking about her period? I really want to just forget about her and pray she never comes as close as she did to winning a nationally elected office ever again.
Don't you get it?. This was a message from the Barracuda to all those turkeys in the Republicat Party.. Hummerbeee, Julie-Annie, Mittens Thumbney, Bobby Bojingles.... "Be afraid, be very afraid." This is what we do to turkeys in Alaska.
Lonnie, Way to be way to be. My son saw exactly where his food comes from on saturday.
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