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Friday, November 21, 2008

Pics & Vids From a Cold-Ass Sail

Just got the visuals from the crisp sail I took on Wednesday: here you go.

Sailing videos and pictures never convey what it feels like to be out there; the waves never look as big as they did, the whitecaps are never as aggressive as they appeared, and the winds never seem as mean. I guess that's why they say you should go out and experience life rather than passively consuming it on a computer screen --- eh, douchebag??

My First Mate of the day, Steven D., at right. -->

He sold me the boat; I bought it from him. What a great guy to have on board --- never complains, smart conversationalist, knows the boat, and dresses warm enough that I would never have to nag him about wearing warm clothes like my father did to me (love you, Dad).

More pics below:

Yes, as you may know, I'm addicted to sailing, the computer, rock music, and Dinty Moore stew. This picture is the best of all those worlds: here I am, kneeling on the cabin sole, in full foulies, the Dinty steaming to my left, while I'm picking out a CD and waiting for the computer to load my Gmail and RSS feeds. By the way, thank Christ for Verizon Wireless internet cards; they get fast connections in the most remote areas --- middle of the Bay, no prob. Note: what the fuck am I saying to the camera here?:

I saw a TV program recently about detecting "micro-expressions" --- expressions on someone's face that reveal their true feelings at any given moment. Take a look at Steven's face. This is a snapshot of something clear: True Love of Sailing. It's darn cold right there in that shot. Look at him! Maybe 10% of anyone I've met enjoys cold-weather outdoor activities, and Steven's one of them. Look closely, he's fucking enjoying himself --- no doubt. It's all in the eyes, and the little smile:

Guys, I bought an American flag for the first time in my life. Yea, I know you right-wingers may think I wasn't patriotic until my man Barack won, but fuck all that. People who really know me know I have always loved the US of A. But it took our latest triumph of democracy before I displayed our nation's colors so proudly and prominently --- a 5-foot by 3-foot flag. I said I would nine months ago, didn't I?:

You hardcore sailors may criticize me for my sloppy reef and lazy luffing mainsail here, but you were not there, man, you were not there. This is a random video Steven took right after the winds increased from 18 to 22+ knots in a gust. I had to put on the Sex Pistols song, Liar, to compliment my mood:

I wish I was there. Lets set a date for a weekend coming up.
Most excellent.

You going again this weekend?

And you should try a "consecutive months sailing" project. I think I got into the high 20s once, but then hit a wall one Spring trying to get my own boat fixed up.
Another wimpy wannabe sailor. I was sailing in the gulf one day before Opal hit in 95 in a 16'. Now that was a rush. Keep on sailing though, you might get better if you get over your obvious fear of the water.
Dad? Is that you?
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