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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Reflection: Some Positive Thoughts

I can't leave the previous post at the top because I admit, it's very negative. I still mean what I wrote, and those F.U.s were well-deserved, but it was written last night after many celebratory beers in a fit of passion. Now some positive thoughts.

This election was won, in part, because of thousands of people whose names you will never know who worked tirelessly knocking on doors and making phone calls to persuade people. I did canvassing a few times during this campaign in Virginia and was impressed by Obama's ground game. That kind of community organizing was in every county of every battleground state in the nation. And you've never seen such hard work. We went down to Springfield at the campaign office in a strip mall a few weeks ago and the place was buzzing with activity --- people on the phones, passing around clipboards and training volunteers. After I was trained, we asked how late the office would be open and they told me "at least until 5AM." FIVE AM! Those people just battled it out until nearly sun-up, daily. This is partly why Obama won so handily.

Yesterday, I went door-to-door in a get-out-the-vote campaign. We targeted people who had told us they were going to vote to remind them and to drive them to the polls if they needed. By 3:00PM yesterday, I was knocking on doors that volunteers had already visited TWICE. We were also sent to an apartment building where the doorman had previously denied volunteers entry. The volunteer manager told us we would be needed for a "ninja mission": we had to get into the building. My technique was to smooth-talk the doorman, but it was easy: as soon as I told him we were going to knock on doors to get out the vote for Barack Obama, the doorman nervously looked around for his boss, then waved us in. We did it!

Last night I was at a bar packed full of people watching the results come in. When it was announced that Obama was elected president, the bar went nuts. Some people were crying and shouting the song "American the Beautiful" and our national anthem. Mind you, these are the "urban liberals" that you might not expect to be showing their patriotism so aggressively.

The last time I can remember feeling so patriotic was right after September 11th, 2001, but it was NOTHING like this. I feel bits and pieces of patriotism all the time; I just don't feel the need to constantly remind people of it --- wearing it on my sleeve like a religious belief. Every time I come home from abroad I am reminded how much I love this country. It's even something as small as the taste of Jimmy Dean sausage or quality orange juice after only eating Indonesian food for weeks. Also, whenever I'm abroad I feel a comfort knowing that if I run into trouble, I can always call the US Embassy and they will have my back. If there are any naysayers left about American democracy, take a business trip to another country for a few weeks, then get back to me. God bless the USA. I mean that --- as much as any heathen can.

UPDATE: Here is a video that my friend Pierre put together shot near the bar where I was celebrating here last night here in Washington, DC.
You are not a heathen. You are a true and patriotic American that is passionate about your views. I retract my statement about the previous post. I look forward to smooth seas and steady breezes for the next 4 years. Maybe even eight. You always brighten my day and make life that much more interesting to live. I love the fact that we can be totally opposed and always find a way to remain friends because we have a mutual Tolerance and respect for one another. Now if we can get congress to be the same way we might be on to something.

You should also be very proud of the work that you did to get OBAMA elected. Hell, I'm proud of you.
When I get back from Cleveland we need to go sailing.

I read this comment on a MSNBC Blog and thought that it was one of the best that I have read. I even got kind of emotional. Rock on!!!!!

I want to say my sincere appreciations to all the people around the world who has followed this historical election with great emphaty and hope for a better America and a better world. It is ironic that one great man from Illinoise had the courages and visions to bring true meaning of “all men are created equal” as inscribe by our founding fathers.
As I and my wife stood in line to vote today this thinking keep revolved inside my head, If Abraham Lincoln could come back to this election day, I think he would be in for a big shock to see the sheer number of American voters to vote for another son from Illinoise who is the same color as men that he freed as the slaves.
It took one great man to keep this nation as a whole, it will take another man to make Americans whole. Under the eyes of the world, friends and foes alike, today America takes another giant step to show that we are one country, one people, united. This is the strength, the voice that bring great hopes for us and people around the world that Abraham could envision but could not even imagined.
This is a great day indeed. Democracy does work after all. The world is really, it is. I recently saw a representation of global electoral votes. Every single country in the world was blue except like one country in Africa, one in Middle East, and one pissant place in Europe. There were pictures of people around the world celebrating in the same way you did LB. I think that really says something about how the world feels about Bush as well as thank goodness Obama won in name of global progess and relations.

The other thing I want to point out is that Palin said on Oct 22nd that "God would do the right thing on election day". I wonder how she feels about her God now. This kind of irony makes me very happy.
Since we are confessing our sins and seeking forgiveness, I'd like to say to the guy who cheered at the pub when they announced McCain had won Utah, I didn't mean it when I told you to go back there and take your wives with you. Stay here. And they can stay too.
The next four years are going to be a bear, but at least we have some serious talent running the show. If Obama can reproduce the efficiency, commitment, and clockwork organization of his campaign (I put some time in as frickin organized and smooth it was!) then things will get done.

His first press conference was crisp and focused. Let it roll!
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