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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Call me a crank, but Halloween cocktails are bullshit.

Maybe I'm not that creative, maybe I think it's hokey to make garnishes that look like eyeballs, maybe I'm just uptight about the way I drink, but for my upcoming Halloween party there's no way I'm putting orange or red food-coloring in a cocktail, creating some pumpkin-flavored monstrosity or using any holiday-themed gimmick.

I'm an amateur mixologist and take pride in what I do but the masters who came before me have provided an entire cocktail lexicon to choose from. Some of the best cocktails were made over 100 years ago when bartenders took pains to combine a balanced beverage --- much like making a well-crafted meal. Would those people have garnished a drink with a candy pumpkin? God no.

I present you my cocktail menu for Friday's party:

I'd like to invite my loyal readers to my party at my home in Washington, DC. Email me at lonniebruner AT gmail and I'll put you on the evite. Would love to meet you all. Truly.
If only I still lived in our fair city...I'd try to at least drop by for a corpse reviver #2. That'd probably last me a while.

Thanks anyway...and I'm with you on the pumpkin flavored stuff...if it isn't pumpkin pie, save it.
Oh No. You're messing up the Heradura Tequila by mixing it with all that junk!
I just brewed pumpkin lager and used pumpkin puree in the fermentation process. Does that count as lame - I think not.

Not lame. Don't mind me, I'm just being a blowhard.
Dear lord. I just saw the Hussein. Has it been there a while and I just never noticed your middle name or did you recently decide to come clean with it? (smirk)
President-elect Obama. Yes, yes yes!
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