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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear All Racists in America: FUCK YOU. WE'RE WINNING.

That is all.
I really, really love this post, Lonnie. It's why I like you so much ...
LB.......just some random thoughts

voting against Obama is not economic/foreign policies

voting against Obama because he is black.....that is racist

saying you are voting for Obama, but when the curtain is pulled behind you, and then voting for McCain.....THAT is RACIST

Agreed. However, I'm of course responding to the recent tide of racist comments from people leaving Palin rallies. For example, this, this or this.

Are you not paying attention?
LB......these McCain/Palin supporters are obivious #2 on my random thoughts.............but I wonder if #3 thought is what really is bothering the Obama camp
RE: Bradley Effect. This has been put down 10 days to Sunday. Bradley was a mayor running in LA in the early 80s and polls said he was winning but he lost. The BE appears only to work in some contexts at some points in time. Also, the NYT said since Welfare Reform in 1996, we haven't seen much of a BE anywhere. Read it here.

Also, believing in the BE means you think white people are these namby pamby pussies who are too timid to say who they're really voting for on the phone. What a cynical view. Maybe PC-leftie people from LA in the 80s, but not now. Also, even if the Bradley Effect existed in this election and Obama lost a full 90 electoral votes, he'd STILL win. See.
Well some call it racist, I call it, "thier nature." The true beast is coming out. And Black folk who like to hang out with white folks will be the first to be devoured!
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