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Monday, October 06, 2008

Four Things I Regret Saying on This Blog

1 - Most of my recent economic statements. While I still say, 'never predict anything, especially the future,' I was wrong in the direction of the latest few posts on the economy. I've learned that just being smart as hell, selling products to multiple foreign countries, and being a long-time subscriber to The Economist does not make my economic opinions worth a shit.

2 - Some of my cockier posts about sailing, like this one. One of the beauties of sailing is that right when you think you're a bad ass, you do something that puts you back into shameful humility, like running aground, hitting something, or an accidental jibe. I recently applied to be a sailing instructor for J World in Annapolis and the instructor put me to shame during the on-the-water segment. I have not received a call back. No surprise there.

3 - The hunting and freedom crap. I was being a blowhard when I wrote that post. Freedom is an impossible thing to measure and it's ridiculous that I said that restrictions on hunting could be any indication of this complicated phenomenon --- although I still maintain that the USA is one of the most free countries on Earth.

4 - Questioning whether I'm a left winger. In hindsight, that post was ridiculous considering that if tomorrow I heard that Sarah Palin got ass cancer, I'd be celebrating. God, I hate that bitch more than Hillary Clinton.

Other than these four, I couldn't find anything in my blog that I thought was ridiculous enough to include on this list. Maybe my readers disagree.
I remember taking a hunting class in 6th grade (not as part of the curriculum: it was a weekend class)...after which was the first and last season I went hunting. I guess I'm just not into it. Still, we do have plenty of regulations about hunting in the USA. As for sailing, how did the J World instructor put you in your place...please post.
"although I still maintain that the USA is one of the most free countries on Earth."

Well, let's see:

5% of the world's population, 20% of the world's prison population

50% of total GNP goes to government

Rapidly increasing restrictions on capital and business

Rapidly eroding civil liberties

Jim Rogers recently stated that the Chinese are now more free than Americans in economic terms. Sad state of affairs.

Shoulda voted for Ron Paul! Obama won't change a thing.

--Random Libertarian

Such a cynical, fearful view of this country and its future. However, it's sadly one that's becoming more common due the terrible leadership we've had for 8 years.

Take a look at this article on freedom in America. There are obviously big, complicated problems in the US --- we all agree --- but this system is one of the best in the world in terms of changing things (eg, Guantanamo) quickly after bad policy.

And Obama will try and change quite a lot. Ron Paul is a good person but he's not much for compromise (an ideal quality in successful politicians and great leaders) and is certainly NOT presidential material. Millions of voters agree with me; he only got like 10% of the primary vote, right?
Plenty of conservatives would celebrate if Palin fell out, for any reason. She makes it impossible for a serious person to vote for McCain. If McCain kicks the bucket, Putin is going to roll into somewhere, and Palin is going to figure out what to do?

-from Long Island, overrun by deer.
Peconic Puffin,

"She makes it impossible for a serious person to vote for McCain."

Unlike all those "serious persons" who voted for Bush? TWICE??

At this point, after 8 years of Bush, no true Democrat trusts the judgment from this voting population who made such terrible decisions TWICE.
"Unlike all those "serious persons" who voted for Bush? TWICE??"

I'm not talking about the fear driven moron. I'm talking about intellectually honest conservatives. Palin could not run a Starbucks effectively, and the (withering) branch of the conservative movement that has some familiarity with leadership knows that McCain jumped the shark when he brought her on. A candidate who, when pressed, can't name a single newspaper.

Me I don't understand why Pelosi took impeachment off the table back in '06.
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