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Monday, September 15, 2008

My wife will still be hot when she's over 60. Yessss ...

They say if you want to know how your woman will look when she's older, take a look at her mother. Well, it's a bit creepy for me to comment on my mother-in-law's looks, but judging by what happened this weekend, I am one lucky dude.

My mother-in-law came for a visit this weekend and while I was loading her luggage into my trunk at the train station, a well-dressed 30-something guy walks up to her and says, "Excuse me, but I wanted to tell you that you're extremely beautiful." Then he walked away.

Remember, my mother-in-law is 60 years old. And it's not like this was some homeless dude; he appeared to be well-dressed and even good-looking!

I've got it MADE.
you probably "outkicked" your punt coverage there LB , as many of us did!

I don't follow football. What the heck does that mean?
I have really got to work with you before we go back to Lubbock.....haha.
Having a date/mate that is significantly more attractive than you.

Seal really outkicked his coverage with Heidi Klum.

Too true, too true.

I guess it's my charming personality that hooked this one. Also, perhaps my abnormal physical anatomy. Who knows..
You definitely married up. Your wife is a redhead so she will stay hot forever.

until she's dead then she won't be hot anymore. She will have been hot.

name that tense, professor donkey liver.
"She will have been hot."

Future perfect tense.
You lucky bastard.
I was that anonymous stranger. It took years for me to work up the courage to tell her how I really feel.

Next on my agenda: Ask her for a date!

That will take another 10 years... but I'm not concerned. She will still be hot. Hawt
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