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Sunday, September 07, 2008

To Borneo in October!

I'm taking a business trip in October to help promote my product to the extensive shrimp farms in Indonesia --- Sulawesi and Borneo, specifically.

Since I'm going there, I decided to pick up a travel guide to Borneo. I was surprised to find this written on page 161:
"Although headhunting has been largely stamped out in Borneo, there is still the odd reported case once every few years."
Huh? Wait, this still goes on? What a wild world we still live in. If you read the news and live in a city, you'd get the perception that most of the world is covered in Wal-Marts or logging camps but there are still areas that haven't been touched much by civilization. And I intend to visit those places in my lifetime.

I'm going to scout out Borneo in October and figure out what spots would be fun to visit with my wife in March.

The distributor of my product in that region is a fat Indonesian-Chinese madman. He was a successful CPA at a bank in Indonesia for many years who decided he couldn't take an office job so he quit and started helping poor shrimp farmers improve their lot. It is absolutely unheard of for a Chinese (all are Christian) to do anything to help Muslims in Indonesia. He's actually gotten some media attention in Indonesia for doing it. So I'm going to follow him around and promote the product. Should be good story fodder for this blog.
I bet the Borneo Wal-Mart sells some weird items.

--Random Libertarian
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