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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why John McSame has a good chance of winning & What I will NOT do if Obama loses.

Why John McSame has a good chance of winning:

1. The economy is not that bad. I've belabored this point recently, but I'm sorry liberals, if unemployment only sits at 5.7% and the economy continues to grow at 1.8%, we're not in such a dire situation. Also, gas prices aren't that high and most people, deep down, don't give a flip about all the global warming doomsaying. I don't think they really believe the science. Remember, this is the country where nearly half the people believe that Jesus Christ will swoop down from Heaven flanked by an army of white horses, bringing on the apocalypse, some time in this lifetime. I think the malaise and negative view of the direction of this country is due to having a leader for eight years who can barely string a sentence together. The bad mood is more due to that than actual economic pain.

2. Americans, deep down, truly love war against other countries. They really do. Right wingers who capitalize on the security issue do quite well. Remember, Americans are highly narcissistic and think that all the rest of world actually plots against them daily. Despite the fact that this is a huge fantasy, dropping bombs across a wide swath of humanity gives a boost to our national pride. Right wingers long for the days after 9/11 or the benefits from WWII when we saved the world from ruin. This will never stop the desire for most people to want to kill people in foreign countries. Shit, it's not like Americans actually travel to other countries, so why not bomb them?

3. Despite a 29% approval rating, nearly 50% of Americans voted for Bush ... TWICE. Never forget this.

4. Anti-rich people ads don't work well. McSame's gaffe about not knowing how many houses he owns seems bad at first glance, but most people want to get rich themselves. Bashing rich people may work in the Third World, but not here. Also, the proposed Obama tax on people who make over $250,000 turns people off because they hope to one day make that much money!

What I will NOT do if Obama loses:

1. Declare I'm moving to another country, like Canada. God, don't you HATE when people say that shit? What a bunch of babies. Do you know how many countries have political systems 100 times worse that the USA's? This kind of statement reveals how little courage and endurance many liberals have. I hear this crap all the time.

2. Claim there were some nefarious machinations to put McSame in power. Also an annoying line that liberals make when they lose. Can't we just accept when we lose? I will. I mean, that is, if we actually lose.

3. Whine and complain like it's the end of the freaking world. People in this country feel so self-important that the slightest disappointment is like a human rights violation. If Obama loses, it's not the end of the world. We'll still have 2012, and I can deal with four years of some decrepit, doddery rich guy in the White House. Remember, people, I live in Washington, DC. For eight years, I have been able to ride my bike to George W. Bush's personal residence in about 20 minutes. I can deal with it. At least McSame isn't a teetotaler, right?
Saying that nearly 50% of Americans voted for Bush is incorrect. Voter turnout was low enough that he won with a lower percentage than the 29% approval rating you mentioned.
Ok, true. Of course I meant nearly 50% of the people who voted.
As much as I hate to say it, what you wrote rings very true. That being said, I sure hope McSame doesn't win.
"While the people retain their virtue and vigilance, no Administration, by any extreme of wickedness or folly, can very seriously injure the Government in the short space of four years."

I like that quote from Lincoln. It gets me through whenever I start feeling a bit doomsdayish WRT to Bush's presidency & the idea of a McCain presidency.
You forgot the fact that, despite the presence of "acceptable" black folks like Colin Powell and, oh, Condi Rice, there are still many white folks who just don't "feel" a black President, as the kids say...I'm black, am voting for Obama, but don't think he is going to win...
I think Obama has a good chance of winning. Here's my thinking: the candidate with 270 electoral votes wins. Look at this map. With the states that are solid for Obama (NY, CA, etc) and "leaning" toward him (WI,MI, etc) he will receive 268 votes. This assumes that Iowa and Virgina will go for Obama --- two states that voted for him in the primary. The polls show a tie in VA (link) and a 5.3% lead in Iowa (link).

This means that he only needs 2 more electoral votes to win. I think the swing state for an Obama will may be New Hampshire where he's polling 9.2% ahead of McSame (link).

I don't think he can do it if VA doesn't vote for him. I don't think Ohio would ever vote for Obama but with my thinking above, he has a good chance.
LB, I'd love to agree with you about the economy not being so bad, but unfortunately we're feeling the aftereffects of our drunken housing binge, where everyone stretched their debt/income ratios so tight there's very little room between making it and foreclosure. Unemployment figures may remain low, but I'm wondering how much of that is due to people simply leaving the workforce or working crappier jobs just to stay afloat. A better measure of this country's perception of the economy might be a comparison of how much people's wages have increased, stagnated, or decreased alongside how many hours people are putting in.

That said, I'm moving to Canada if McSame wins. OK maybe not.
You have to realize that most of America is full of blissfully ignorant Morons. I hate to sound "ellitist" but it is true, What is that "ready to lead" crap. People ignore everything and are so shallow they believe everything the right wing media continues to spew. Unfortunately we will continue to subsist this way for years to come if not continue to receed in general intelligence, I thought we were making progress but I was wrong. I refuse to smile again until Obama wins

PS, Any Democrat who votes for McSame instead of Obama because of Hillary really needs to take a long in the mirror, because you are an idiot!!

PSPS: What happened to Anne Coulter's promise to campaign for Democrats if McSame wins the nomination?
Congrats on your first statement on the "what I will not do". It shows a high level of maturity. (when it is made it sounds like it is coming from a 3-4 year old kid, along the lines of "I am taking my toys and going home")
Actually all of them show a higher level of maturity than you find normally on the standard level of discourse in this country (or at least in our media outlets of all ilks).
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