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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Enough with the anti-China nonsense.

People fret over China, don't they. I'm not talking about the Olympics specifically --- Tibet is a whole other issue --- but like getting upset because so many common products are made in China. Who cares. Let the po' folks make that stuff like we did 100 years ago. Trust me, sewing and making toys on assembly lines is not fun. Rich countries don't need to make that stuff anymore.

We're cutting edge in a whole massive list of things that China and the rest of the poor world will never have. Take, for example, the fact that we have not one, but THREE car companies. That's the envy of most countries in the world!

And take science. The USA is KICKING ASS according to a recent report by RAND. The report says we're still the world's number one science and technology engine. The US accounts for 40% of total world spending on R&D, and produces 63% of all scientific publications. We have 30 of the world's leading 40 universities, and we employ 70% of the world's living Nobel laureates. America produces 38% of patented new technologies in the OECD. No worries on the science front.

No need to go into detail about cutting edge technology products. Silicon Valley anyone? The iPhone? Wii? 10,000 other hot technology products? Mostly from the USA.

And come on, let the Chinese have cars. Been riding crappy bikes for 60 years! Leave that to the residents of Portand, Oregon and let the Chinamen drive Toyotas and Buicks, for God's sake. Why do people get upset when poor countries FINALLY start getting rich, jeez! Do you know what they went through?? Man, Cultural Revolution? Great Leap Forward? Those people have been eeking out a living farming rice under the yoke of crazy-ass brutal governments forever. How 'bout we let 'em get rich? That's what THEY want, no doubt.

And don't give me crap about toxins in toys and seafood. Sure, that's a problem that affected an extreme minority of our imports and it's been jumped all over and is largely fixed. It's a minor issue.

The root of this anti-China whining has got to be due to the fact that the USA is used to getting 110% and now it's got 109%. Just like a spoiled middle class child (like me ;-).
I say we use them as a food source but before we do that they need to clean up theire lifstyle. so let them get rich, cleaned up, and then we will eat them.

TS Elliot
also, lets not forget that China basically underwrites nearly 70% of our nations debt through their purchasing of bonds and such. We are co dependant of each other.

Now howabout Brazil??!!
If you had not mentioned SCIENCE I would probably send you a McCain sticker!, The fact remains that we are living on a paper house, I do not necessarily agree that the Chinese do crappy jobs we do not want to do, No they do it cheaper and make the top 1% of our country richer, While depriving people in the US of Jobs and Benefits in order to make corporate execs an extra few % points of profit. The reason people complain about poorer countries getting better off is at what expense to those in our country. I guess it is a cycle, As the middle class in the US continues to fall and the lower class rises. At least we will have more able bodied soldiers so we can invade Canada for cheese ounce all the money runs out to China.

I do agree on the Science portion however, Unfortunately one of the greatest disservices our Gov't has done is continued to ignore our education system, They are still talking about Vouchers!! are you kidding?!?, Everyone should have an equal chance to first class education and with each passing day we drift farther and farther away. The day our education budget is twice our Military, I will be happy to let the chinese or anyone else do whatever they want, because on that day our nation will be intelligent enough to move to the next level. That is a house of stone
You're going to have to provide details on how Nintendo's Wii is a product of the USA. Let us know.
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