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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cowboy Hats, the Home Bar, Sailing in '08, Fatties in Houston, Dead Orchids, Secret Speakeasies

A few thoughts in no particular order:

1 - My grandfather hated when people wore hats indoors, but I never cared too much about it until I spent this past week in Houston, Texas where wannabe cowdoucheboys regularly wear their ten gallon hats while eating inside restaurants. Oddly, this pissed me off. As Melville said in Moby Dick, it required a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately and methodically knocking their hats off. Am I becoming a cranky old man?

2 - Having a home bar is so nice. Some friends visited last night and we went down to the bar to bend a few elbows on a Sunday night. Something about a bar and drinks makes the conversation flow like no living room ever could.

3 - I will have sailed more in 2008 than any other year. I'll do the calculations from my logbook in early December, but at this point it seems I've sailed once every 1.5 weeks since March 15, 2008. This makes me very happy.

4 - Houston, Texas is a fat city --- lots of fat people. However, that's a good thing when you want to use the hotel gym. It's completely empty!

5 - My beautiful orchid died. I went away for two weeks and all the flowers fell off and now the last green leaf has wilted and broken loose. Damn waste of $42. I give up.

6 - I'm helping out at a new secret speakeasy-style bar in DC called Hummingbird to Mars. I love the hard work and the cash at the end of the night. We only serve culinary and classic cocktails. Right now we're keeping the location secret. If you can find it, I'll see you there.

UPDATE: Metrocurean has the info on Hummingbird to Mars with a contact email to obtain reservations. Click here to find out more.
do you have one of those sliding doors inside the door for the bouncer to look through? those are cool.
If you need extra help let me know, I am experienced
You just wait until the revenuers come fer ya. The name is pretty awesome, though.

I'm not a big hat person myself, and my elementary school teachers drilled into my head the idea that you don't wear a hat inside, but what do you do when your identity as a cowboy amounts to nothing more than your hat?
Fat people in Houston? I'll have you know, young man, that the average Houstonian is merely 27 pounds overweight. We are one crash diet (or a major surgery) away from being skinny, like you yankee types.

And we only take our cowboy hats off for one thing.
Tom Collins please...cheers.
I love secret events! Clues? Please?
Once I went to a speakeasy in NYC and was wandering around the Village thinking I wasn't going to find it. And then I saw the smokers standing outside in the cold. Found it!

I don't know if you have a ban on smoking indoors, but if you do you may want to consider breaking the law in true speakeasy fashion. The Irish pubs in Queens tend to do so - and they also break the rules by offering buy-backs...
what's a buy-back?
A buy back is when the bartender gives you a freebie after, say, you buy three. I am pretty sure the NY City Council made it illegal, if you can believe that, about three of four years ago. But like many other laws and rules it was an un-enforced gesture. But some of the pubs did actually stop.
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