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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Republican pundits are lying hypocrites and I hate them all.

Thank you Jon Stewart for showing the disgusitng hypocrisy:

I love Jon Stewart. There, I said it, I love Jon Stewart.
The neocons have institutionalized outrageous lies. Rove figured out that it was easier to get away with whoppers than with slight exaggeration. This is a man who allowed himself to be referred to as Turd Blossom.

Pieces of shit all.
You have to remember, This started in the 80's when it became cool to be a republican(Family Ties??). It continues today where it is cool to be ignorant (a synonym for republican). That is where we are today, half or more of the country with it's head in the sand. But yelling at the top of their lungs.

Unfortunately it works!, I talked to a republican yesterday who told me Obama will double the income tax for the middle class, dismantle the miltary completely, and that he does not like women because he was estranged from his mother growing up! where do they come up with this stuff??

I think all good Democrats should challenge any Republican they see. We may get labaled as Crazy liberals, but something has to be done to counteract the right wing propaganda, (Fox News) no more shyness people, Chew their heads off, Are you really going to have 4 more years of bad policies??
The problem with we democrats is honestly - assuming that republicans are smart.

A fraction of republicans are smart - really smart and really greedy evil. the rest are truly stupid. I don't mean that to be harsh, I just mean it. Really really not smart people that are guided (or misguided) by the smart greedy ones.

Smart and rich
or poor to middle class and stupid. that sums up the republicans in my opinion. Have pity for the dumb ones and respect (and hate if you wish) the rich ones - they are smarter than us.

This whole Pallin thing is a perfect example of smart rich republicans manipulating the stupid poor ones (pandering). And they will probably win because of her.
I do not know if stupid is the correct word, Perhaps ignorant, "Head's in the sand republicans", Also b\never underestimate the power of the religous right. They can manipulate anything from the "bible" to fit their agenda. In this case their is a lot of Brainwashing that begins at a very early age, It is extremelt hard to combat. I have never been able to understand how christians can allign themselves with the republicans, It just a matter of control from the leadership on down. Hoever I am gald to see that Palin's family made the choise! to keep the daughters baby. :)
Well done Jon Stewart. Keep exposing the double standards and lies of these clowns.
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