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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Farm House Sex Joint

I'm trying to get my product going in South Africa, but I recently got some bad news from the distributor by email. He writes:
"Economically wise, it would be difficult to start now and then you do NOT want to hear about the new land-reform plans our bright government has in mind. Maybe we are on the same path as Zimbabwe. White farmers are selling their farms and almost, well, 90% of the farms that’ve been granted to previous workers and farmed as 'up-liftment' farms, are bankrupt. All they do is use the farm house as a 'sex joint', sit on their behinds and smoke 'M' --- pot, I think you call it."
Oh man, I have to check out one of these farm house sex joints when I get to South Africa. Sounds fun!
Pretty much sounds like the way my wife's South African uncle explained the state of the country.
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