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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sara Palin's town is smaller than some DUMPS I've taken. The culture war is ON.

Let's get this out of the way, because below is what all us "urban liberals" are really thinking:

On patriotism: See, we aren't so insecure about our love of country that we have to constantly prove that we're willing to hump and lick the flag over and over and over and over. How about McCain? Well, after being downed over North Viet Nam, he actually signed a statement provided by the Communists that he had committed war crimes. How about that for country loyalty? Maybe if he'd been wearing a flag pin while signing that statement he would've been more patriotic in your Wal-Mart-going eyes. Dumb-asses.

On speaking. Everyone agrees that Obama is a great orator, even McSame. By the way, you know what great leaders do? You may have forgotten this, given that you may have voted for Bush TWICE, but THEY CAN ACTUALLY SPEAK WELL. Also, let's talk about teleprompters. Sara Palin's speech was NOT her own. ALL of Obama's speeches were written by HIM. Let's see that moose-killing bitch deal with the press. Why hasn't she? Because her handlers have been making sure she doesn't because she's only been mayor of a town smaller than some shits I've taken. Fucking redneck.

Po' Folks. Obama knows more about the way middle class and poor people live than McCain has ever known. Again, how many houses does he own? Come on, he doesn't even know and has still not revealed this secret. Obama left Harvard Law School and went into public service --- the best kind of public service that the Republicans always pretend they're for: church-based community service. And now they ridicule and mock that proud American tradition? Dear all red states: I'm a middle class dude who lives next door to a Heroin Addict/HIV Positive/Ex-con/Drug Dealer/Drunk who knows more about politics than you'll ever learn from riding hours per day in an SUV, or whatever it is you do in fucking Oklahoma, etc. I've been all over the world and met hundreds of people and you (like Palin) just got a passport last year (or maybe never). Do I think I'm better than you? Hell yes, I do. Eat it.
I couldn't agree more LB. But the sad thing is, we get our information from Daily Show, internet blogs and privately owned media channels. Most of the country, unfortunately, does not. If anything is a testament to this, its the fact that Obama isn't obliterating McCain in the polls. After the dispicable actions Republicans have done (the list is too big), you would think it would be no contest. But the MSM is doing a piss poor job of covering the completely obvious flaws and lies in McCain's speeches and rhetoric (e.g. he's flip-flopped about a dozen times on pretty important issues. Kerry ff'd on ONE thing and he was crucified for it). It have to admit that its disheartening that some many people cannot see, actually SEE, what is happening. But I am glad that I have friends who do.

Maybe my Children will not grow up in a world where they teach fairy tales in schools!!!

and where Gravity exists
This election is crucial. McCain is 72 and has had 4 bouts with cancer. If he wins there is a very good chance that the pitbull with lipstick (her words not mine) will be POTUS some time in the next 4 years.

She's a nice-looking kid and can read words off a teleprompter better than McCain, but I don't fancy her chances toe-to-toe against Osama bin Laden, Putin, Hu Jintao and Ahmadinejad. PTA and small-town mayor are not sufficient preparation for "leader of the free world".
Yeah, this all scares the crapjesus out of me, too.
It's hard not to get involved this time around. I just cannot understand how people fall for the Republican lies and mudslinging. It keeps getting worse, and it's working!!

I will restate this opinion. The RNC is nothing more than a few rich and intelligent people pandering to the voting dumb people so they get richer and stay in power.

Can I please get a hell yeah?!?! It's becoming increasingly and distressingly obvious to me. Am I wrong?
Hell yeah! (That's not an answer to your last question). It definitely is frustrating to know there are so many dumb people out there. Can I recommend real quick a movie which is a comedy but could be seen as a futuristic horror flick : Idiocracy. I couldn't sleep for weeks.
hell yeah!!!!!
hell yeah!!!!!

Despite the McSame bounce, Obama is ahead in key states. Polls out today, September 11th:

- Michigan - Obama +4%
- Ohio - Obama +5%
- New Hampshire - Obama +6%
- Pennsylvania - Obama +6%

Also, Ron Paul is now running in Montana which voted 24% Ron Paul over McSame. Clinton won Montana in 1992 because of Perot so a similar thing could happen in 2008. Also, Colorado and New Mexico have been polling low numbers in favor of Obama with 9 and 5 electoral votes, respectively.

Those are all statistically significant leads, that list above. If Obama takes all four of those states, he wins, no question. Remember, 270 electoral votes are needed to win, and if Obama wins the above states plus the states that are solid (CA, NY) and leaning (OR, WI), he gets 275. If Montana goes for him it's 278, CO and NM, 292.

Remember, the McSame bump has been mostly in already red states like ND, TX, AL, etc --- states that can go screw themselves. Also, with the above numbers we don't need VA either. Let the Capital of the Confederacy whine about the Civil War for all I care.

For more, see this electoral vote map.

Also, remember that when Mondale first chose Ferraro he got a bounce over Reagan that lasted a few weeks. Obviously, we know the result of that election ...

For inspiration, I give you this picture.
"I eat shit like you for breakfast" "You eat shit for breakfast?"

Great line from the Breakfast Club. Nothing to do with what you're talking about except your subject is kinda similar.

Were you a poli-sci or sociology major?
While I also feel confident, LB, that Obama is going to win this, especially since yesterday, when the lies and desperate attacks coming out of the McCain camp are getting simply ridiculous and even Bill O'Reilly himself is calling McCain out on some his BS, I think Jason and I are saying that it is kind of depressing to know that about 50% of the country just doesn't care or is too stupid to realize the truth of the situation. Its as if they don't even care what McCain says, they just want to win against baby-killing, uppity liberals. I was telling Larisa last night that McCain could take out a gun and blast a reporter in the face on live TV and it wouldn't effect his ratings.

I am not going to make predictions about who will win. I will say it's going to be very close.

Funny thing on the abortion front: I don't know what they expect. I mean, Bush is pro-life and had a Republican Congress for part of the time and 8 years later abortion is still just as legal as in 2000!

But you're right: they could've put a monkey as VP and people would still vote for him.
So right lonnie. I can't fathom the minds of people who would vote for McPain simply because of the abortion issue. If you don't want an abortion, don't have one. That's your choice. Why choose a president who will work against your interests on taxes, jobs, housing, healthcare, education and energy just because you don't want other people to choose differently than you about abortion.

In any case McPain won't really do anything to change abortion law, any more than Bush did. The nearest Bush got was when he spent the whole summer of 2001 at his "ranch" supposedly agonizing over federal funding for stem cell research while ignoring intelligence memos with titles like "Bin Laden determined to attack in the US." And we all saw how well that all turned out.
McCain might not personally overthrow Roe v. Wade, but the next president will probably get to appoint one or more Supreme Court judges, and that judge could have some say in the matter. Let's hope President Obama gets to appoint the next justice.
McCain might not personally overturn Roe v. Wade, but the next president will probably get to appoint one or more Supreme Court judges, and that judge could overturn it.
I found this today and thought I would post it since it was so relevant:
Here is a video clip of Palin dealing with the press. It's unbelievably bad.
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